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Have you ever experienced discomfort over the outer aspect of your elbow that aches, throbs or shoots pain?

Despite being colloquially named 'Tennis Elbow' this highly painful and debilitating condition occurs commonly amongst non-athletes as well.

It’s medical term is Lateral Epicondylagia (or previously known as Epicondylitis).

What does this mean and how did I develop this?

Lateral epicondylagia refers to tendon pain that arises from overuse and repetitive loading from the muscles that extend (backwards bend) the wrist. These muscles all attach via tendons to the outer aspect of your elbow (the site of pain).

Activities that may lead to Lateral Epicondylagia include repetitive use of tools, lifting objects, computer use or from racquet sports.

It is important to ‘rule out’ any other conditions that may present as Tennis Elbow such as fractures, muscle strains or nerve injuries (around the elbow and neck). This is done during a physiotherapy examination.

So how do I treat it?

Like most injuries, every persons rehab looks pretty different! Studies have shown that load management (i.e. planning how much activity to do at work and outside of work) is important, along with strengthening the muscles and tendons that are involved in the injury. Furthermore, physiotherapists can use a variety of manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage and acupuncture to help reduce pain.

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