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Clinical pilates 

What is clinical pilates?

Pilates is based on a set of universal principles and concepts that involve the integration of mind and body.

Clinical Pilates is simply Pilates that is taught by a trained Allied Health Professional who is also Diploma qualified in Pilates Instruction. Each client receives a carefully selected exercise program to complete utilising Studio equipment while being actively supervised by the instructor. Exercises can be performed on the Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze table, High Barrel, Spine Corrector and Wunder/Stability Chair and small apparatus.​

What is involved during a consult/class?


All clients will need to complete an initial consult which involves taking client history, postural assessment and discuss any goals that you would like to achieve out of your Pilates program. You will then be taken through a basic Pilates Repertoire to give the instructor a basis to start your personal program.


Benefits of clinical pilates

The benefits of one on one and small group Pilates sessions is that you will be able to have close supervision and support from the Diploma qualified Instructor. Utilising all Studio equipment will also allow you to progress, regress and modify your program.

Pilates complements any Physiotherapy and Myotherapy sessions.

We work together to achieve the best outcome for the client.  


There are numerous benefits to be gained from performing Clinical Pilates exercises including:

  • Improved posture and core stability

  • Increased muscular strength and flexibility

  • Prevention of injuries

  • Aiding rehabilitation

  • Restoration of normal movement patterns

  • Enhanced breathing control

  • Increased co-ordination and muscular control

  • Firmer and flatter stomach muscles

  • Improved overall body tone and fitness

  • Improved balance​


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