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Shin splints

Shin splints is a overuse bone injury with incidence rates up to 20% in athletic populations and up to 35% in military populations.

Medically known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome this painful and often debilitating condition is felt over the inside aspect of the shin bone in response to unaccustomed or rapidly increased activity.

Pain is often aggravated with weight bearing activities such as walking, running and jumping.

Risk factors:

- Training errors (i.e. not gradually progressing load and volume – athletes guilty of this)

- Higher impact exercises ( e.g. military personal carry heavy packs and run & jump on uneven surfaces)

- Higher BMI

- Anatomical differences (such as increase ankle & foot movements, increase hip rotation).


Shin splints is treated non-surgically. The prognosis (recovery) is often very good.

- Firstly, it involves relative rest and activity modification to settle symptoms.

- Controlling / correcting modifiable risk factors

- Strengthening and building capacity muscles

- Gait retraining

- Following a graduated and progressive return to activity program

If you haven’t experienced shin splints it’s highly likely you know someone who has.

Don’t let it stop you from running, walking, jumping or living your best life. Shin splints has a favourable recovery without surgery.

Check in with the team at Marna Physio if you experience shin splints and we will get you on your way!

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