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Hydrotherapy - Ai Chi

What is Ai Chi?

Ai Chi is a gentle yet powerful movement, meditation and relaxation technique conducted in a Hydrotherapy or warm water pool. It was developed by Jun Konno who was once an Olympic swim coach for Japan.

How is it different to Tai Chi?

Similar to a refined version of Tai Chi, there are 19 postures with the technique, It can be run as a class or used as individual movements within a water-based exercise session. It is an easy technique to have a go at, but is difficult to master, incorporating components of breathing, arm and leg movements, balance and core stability.

The benefits of water immersion

The properties of water provides support to posture and lessens weight bearing. This allows people to practice movement without the fear of falling and with less pain.

The meditation and mindfulness component when combined with movement can be quite powerful where people are anxious about moving. It can also help you learn a skill to help manage in other aspects of your life where you feel anxious.

conditions where Ai Chi may be appropriate

Ai Chi is a good treatment option in conditions such as:

  • Spinal pain

  • Shoulder rehabilitation

  • Pre-and post natal care

  • Chronic pain

  • Neurology

  • Balance

  • Lower limb rehabilitation

Marna Physiotherapist - Ross Piper

Ross Piper is one of a handful of instructors in Australia who was trained under Jun Konno in the technique in 2008. He is educating other aquatic Physiotherapists in the technique for the Australian Physiotherapy association and has provided inservices for the whole Marna Physio team.

Ross Piper at the June inservice with Steve, Wade and Sam demonstrating different principles of hydrotherapy.

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