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Meet your Physio

Oscar Crosgrove


About me 

Born and raised in Horsham, Oscar is an avid sports fan with interest in football, cricket, basketball, golf and athletics. His early years in Horsham instilled a profound appreciation for both team sports and individual athletic pursuits. Alongside his passion for playing and watching sports, Oscar is equally committed to staying fit through regular exercise. Oscar's enthusiasm for both watching and playing sports has significantly influenced his lifestyle, making him a dedicated advocate for physical fitness and the joy of sporting competition.


Oscar completed his physiotherapy degree studying at the Australian Catholic University in Ballarat. He also completed a year studying Exercise and Sport Science before transfering into his dream course to study physiotherapy.

Oscar has experience working with the Geelong Cats VFLW team, where he served as a dedicated physiotherapist. He also works for Geelong’s AFLW team where he contributes as a trainer. Oscar was involved in the AFL/AFLW Indigenous and Multicultural Players Summit in 2022 getting to work with some of the best players across both leagues. He also worked with the Geelong Amateurs Division 1 Women's Team in 2023 with the team going on to win the grand final.   

Oscar is extremely enthusiastic and wishes to continue developing his knowledge of physiotherapy, he is aiming to completed a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in the future. In the future, Oscar would like to work with olympic level athletes around the world. 

Clinical intrests

  •       Sports injuries and return to sports programs 

  •       Strength training 

  •       Ankle and back injuries 

  •       Muscle strains

How can Oscar help you?

Oscar is a passionate physiotherapist who excels in sports injuries and back pain management using manual therapy, exercise prescription and patient education. Oscar’s approach combines evidence-based hands-on treatment with tailored exercises and informative guidance, empowering patients to actively participate in their recovery for long-term health benefits. This commitment to comprehensive care highlights Oscar's dedication to both immediate healing and future injury prevention. 

Oscar Crosgrove
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