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Taping consults

At Marna Physio, we recognise the benefits taping can provide, not only for athletes but also for individuals dealing with pain and/or postural issues. Whether you require support during physical activities or seek relief from discomfort, taping can be an excellent adjunct to your treatment plan.


With numerous taping techniques and a variety of tape options available, our physiotherapists will tailor the approach to suit your specific needs. In essence, there are two main types of taping: rigid and flexible, also known as kinesio tape.


Rigid taping is primarily employed to restrict or modify the range of motion in a particular joint or body part. By precisely applying rigid tape, we can provide stability, support, and protection to the affected area, allowing for optimal healing and preventing further injury. You will have likely seen AFL players with their shoulders strapped. This taping technique is commonly used to reduce the likelihood of dislocation and provide comfort.

On the other hand, flexible or kinesio taping options offer a different set of benefits. In our clinic, we use the brand ‘Rock Tape’ which is worn by numerous athletes worldwide. By utilising flexible tape, we can provide compression, enhance proprioception (the awareness of body position and movement), and facilitate desired changes in joint or muscle function. This type of taping method is particularly effective in promoting natural movement patterns and supporting rehabilitation.

During a taping consult at Marna Physio, our focus is on providing you with personalised care. We will carefully evaluate your condition, taking into account your medical history, symptoms, and functional goals. Our physiotherapists will then apply taping techniques tailored to your unique requirements.


Contact us today to schedule your taping consult and take a step towards a stronger, more functional you.

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