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Meet your Podiatrist

Luke Madeley


Luke is a passionate podiatrist with a focus on biomechanics and sports medicine. Having worked with athletes ranging from Olympians to AFL, Luke has the insight into podiatric care at an elite level. This approach is consistent for recreational athletes trying to overcome injury and perform optimally.

Having  completed studies at both Monash and Latrobe Universities, Luke has completed research on exercise induced leg pain.  He has been awarded the Australian Podiatry Award for Excellence in Clinical Podiatry.  He has also been awarded the Equis Medical Award and the Brooks award for Excellence in Podiatric Medicine.


Luke assisted a podiatric surgeon from 2012-13.  This experience added further knowledge of the management of difficult foot conditions including post surgical care.


Away from work, you will find Luke with his young active family.  He has a love for activity and fitness.  Luke has a healthy obsession surfing and mountain biking around the Surfcoast.

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